Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS)

What is EUS?

EUS is an advanced endoscopic technique that allows deep seated structures (pancreas, lymph nodes, bile duct, gall bladder etc) along the digestive tract to be visualized and examined. If necessary, tissue samples can also be collected at the same time. EUS is performed by inserting a special fibreoptic scope through the mouth (to examine the upper digestive tract) or the anus (to examine the lower digestive tract). Patients are usually given light sedation during the procedure to make it more tolerable.

Why do I need to have EUS?

EUS allows examination and collection of tissue samples further away from the digestive tract that is not accessible with normal upper endoscopy and colonoscopy. It is also very accurate for detection of stones and pancreas lesion.

How do I prepare for EUS procedure?

You will be fasted for 6 to 8 hours prior to the procedure. This is to prevent remnant stomach food from obscuring the view of the scope and avoid vomiting. Certain blood thinning medications (e.g. aspirin) may need to be stopped before the procedure.
It is also advisable to arrange for someone to accompany you home after the procedure as you may still experience the lingering effect of sedation.

How do I recover from EUS?

You will be observed for a period post procedure to make sure that you are alright while waiting for the effect of sedation to wear off. You may also experience some light headedness and sore throat. It is advisable not to drive or work for the remainder of the day.

Alternatives to EUS include imaging such as CT or MRI scan depending on patient’s clinical presentation. Therefore, it is best to discuss your condition with your doctor so that the best informed decision can be made regarding the investigation of choice.

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