Piles / Haemorrhoids

What are piles / haemorrhoids?

Piles (also known medically as haemorrhoids) are collections of swollen tissue around the anal canal, often presenting as tender lumps. Some piles may cause symptoms such as pain and rectal bleeding.

What should I do if I suspect piles?

You should consult your family physician / GP where a complete history and physical examination will be performed. A proper diagnosis can then be made and treatment administered. Most piles are usually small and can be effectively treated with medications alone.

When should I see a specialist?

In some instances, symptoms such as rectal bleeding may persist despite medical treatment or there may be alarm symptoms / signs picked up by your GP (e.g. rectal mass on physical examination, anaemia etc). Referral to a specialist such as Gastroenterologist is warranted in such cases for further evaluation and treatment.

Piles ligation is an effective and common method to treat recurrent symptomatic piles. The procedure is usually recommended if standard medical therapy for piles fail. A proctoscope is inserted and problematic piles will then be ligated with rubber bands. Patients condition is assessed over a few weeks and repeat ligation performed if symptoms persist.

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